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Co-creation, sprints & hackathons-in-a-box

These pages contain documentation about the dribdat open source project. Please see our website and GitHub repo for a general introduction, downloads and more!

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dribdat (originally from "Driven By Data") is an open source tool for data-driven team collaboration (such as hackathons). It provides an open source website and project board for running events, and integrates popular community platforms and open source code repositories. It is the official platform of Opendata.ch Hackdays, and has been used to host dozens of events in the Swiss open data, open hardware, and open source community.

If you need help or advice in setting up your event, or would like to contribute to the project, you can get in touch via GitHub Issues or contact form. Follow us on Twitter and get updates on our OpenCollective, where you can also support the development of the project.


If you see an issue with the documentation, please share it here or contribute directly here.